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Playground Game King - Bumper Car in Any Season

Author:baolu rides Time:2017-11-24

What kinds of amusement rides will be welcomed at any time?

Baolu rides now will recommend game king for playground: bumper car!

Bumper car belongs to indoor amusement ride. Before choosing it, we should at first consider park site. In the vast market, we can see quite a lot of amusement rides which have different designs, materials, capacity etc., as a result, we must choose them on the basis of park site. Baolu rides can design amusement rides in different shapes according to customers’ need.

In addition, we should note if the quality and workmanship meet the standard. Details matter so much to keep kids secure. The last issue is the motor of the rides. As an owner, we should know about the basis knowledge of bumper car. Only by a careful attention and maintenance can our amusement rides work longer.

Baolu rides here provides some matters need noticing when taking bumper car:

1. The body should be back as close as possible, and fasten the belt quickly after siting;

2. Hands hold on the steering wheel, and keep the body stable;

3. Don’t ever extend hands out of the cabin, in case of getting bumped by other cars.

4. Kids should take it with parents' together.